Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 levels of coverage available to Business owners. It is possible to offer Health Care that is affordable as well as Dental and Vision! We can show you how to do that!

If you offer a Group Plan to your ‘qualified’ employees you must pay 50% of the Employee rate for the lowest cost plan that you are making available. This is the minimum. As an employer you are not obligated to pay any portion of the Dependent cost for the Employee.

YES! With a 125 POP (premium only plan) set up your employees can pre-tax whatever portion of the Insurance they are paying for. This saves hundreds of dollars annually for the Employee and also reduces the Workers Comp Rate for the Employer. We set up 125 POP plans at no cost for our Employer Groups that we are the Broker for your Health Insurance.

No! You can offer or make available Dental and Vision insurance on a voluntary basis. If the Employee elects it they pay the premium and this can be done on a pre-tax basis also.

The savings you achieve by changing the Medical plan and increasing the Deductible, then add the Medical Bridge (in the event of a hospitalization/Surgery/ER) is DRAMATIC.